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This course is a series of five fun lessons designed to help you understand and appreciate the myriads of ways in which you can use acrylic inks. I want to watch you grow your confidence as an artist, incorporating this medium with others like crayons, pastels, acryla gouache and a hint of collage.


A vibrant class designed to help you create playful portraits and amazing abstracts! We will explore continuous line, composition, color, mood, contrast and mark making.


This class will teach you how to jump start your art making and create new styles, push through the difficulties of a blank canvas and transform old or stagnant works into something new.


A five lesson class to spark your wonder and help you create art with ease and joy. Tracy gives you absolute permission to PLAY with five hours of in-depth video tuition!


Join me in this fun 5-part course to learn how to paint faces with expression, ease and confidence. Loosen up, let go of your inner critic & jump in today!


In this class with over 20 lessons we work across multiple mini canvases to generate cohesive series and color palettes, translate emotion through color and mark, and find YOUR mojo.


In this course we explore creating cute animals from pandas to owls to elephants, using a variety of fun techniques to help you loosen up and grow as an artist!!


More fun with animal art! Five fun and diverse tutorials to expand your art approach where we play with a variety of techniques to bring little creatures to life.


A class for all who love painting faces or are terrified to try! A class with faces that tell stories and faces that make us guess. Quirky faces, nostalgic faces & many more!


In this class I share with you techniques & approaches to create vibrant, textured and light-filled landscapes using photo references and a loose painterly approach!


In Pattern.Color.Texture we explore ways to loosen up your creative boundaries. We learn how to create vibrant, colorful and unique art with depth and meaning.


In my signature class, I help you to find your voice, your style and the confidence to make your mark! I give you the tools to explore possibility and grow as an artist.


A course designed to help you to activate your imagination, move towards a series of work in your own style and bring more whimsy, meaning and story to your work.

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Online art courses to express your creative potential

Whether you are a total beginner, or haven't picked up a paintbrush in days or even years, my online art courses are perfectly designed for you to shine a spotlight on your full creative potential. 

In these online art classes you’ll be provided with a positive and uplifting experience where you will feel free to paint from the heart. My courses will also help you to open up and try new things in an encouraging environment.

I will teach you to find fluidity and freedom in your style, encouraging you to go deeper into your art. Helping you venture into bold colours and inks.

In my creative online art courses you will spend time exploring new skills and techniques, colours and types of paint. Building upon your knowledge and versatility.

Together we will enhance your own personal style. With nine classes to choose from, you're bound to find something to spark your creativity.

What my online art course students are saying...


I've taken two workshops with Tracy and loved them both. She provides just the right balance of guidance with encouraging you to find your own expression. She is very generous with sharing her artistic knowledge. Tracy is very positive and uplifting which provides a magical space to paint your heart out!

-Silky Hart


Tracy, I love being in your energy and I'm not sure how to express that in words. I only know I have loved being in your classes and have learned and grown in so many ways just being with you. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. You are a blessing!‬

-Karen Johnson


You are very generous with your content and I don’t feel like you hold anything back. I love that you show your own vulnerability in things that don’t go quite as you would like because that’s real and honest. It’s not about a show but about real love for teaching and wanting your students to feel successful.

-Anna Karena 

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