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Tracy Verdugo Art



In this class we work across multiple mini canvases to generate cohesive series and color palettes, translate emotion through color and mark, and find YOUR mojo.


In this course we explore creating cute animals from pandas to owls to elephants, using a variety of fun techniques to help you loosen up and grow as an artist!!


More fun with animal art! Five fun and diverse tutorials to expand your art approach where we play with a variety of techniques to bring little creatures to life.


A class for all who love painting faces or are terrified to try! A class with faces that tell stories and faces that make us guess. Quirky faces, nostalgic faces & many more!


In this class I share with you techniques & approaches to create vibrant, textured and light-filled landscapes using photographic reference and a loose painterly approach!


In my signature class, I help you to find your voice, your style and the confidence to make your mark! I give you the tools to explore possibility and grow as an artist.


In Pattern.Color.Texture we explore ways to loosen up your creative boundaries and create vibrant, colorful art with depth and meaning.

Work with me in person...

Join me at one of my transformative workshops or retreats!

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