Tracy Verdugo Art



In this class we work across multiple mini canvases to generate cohesive series and color palettes, translate emotion through color and mark, and find YOUR mojo.


In this course we explore creating cute animals from pandas to deer, owls to elephants using a variety of fun techniques to help you unwind!


In my first mini mojo class, Animalitos, we play with a variety of fun techniques to bring the crazy critters of the world to life on your canvas.


This is a class with faces that tell stories and faces that make us guess. Quirky faces, nostalgic faces, quick, loose and easy faces and faces that take a little time.


In this class I share with you tips that will help you create vivid, exciting landscapes and to free yourself up to explore more and agonise less over your art.


This WILL be a class about finding your voice, your style, your confidence. About exploring creative process epiphanies from mistakes and making new connections.


In Pattern.Color.Texture. we explore many ways to expand past your creative boundaries and create bright, colorful and meaningful art.

After something a little more personal?

See if you can join me at one of my workshops or retreats!