Paint Mojo

Break free of your comfort zone, sharpen your senses to perceive the world around you and find happiness in play.

On this painterly journey, Tracy Verdugo and sixteen other wildly talented contributing artists, lead you from self–doubt to self appreciation by helping you to find your voice through a myriad of vibrantly-hued mark making, painting and self reflection techniques.

  • Learn the language of your own sacred marks by painting with personal symbology.
  • Discover the inspiration that exists all around you, in your home, your community, the present moment.
  • 19 step-by -step exercises use popular mixed media materials such as pastels, acrylic paints, inks and more!
  • See how to use art making to plant creative seeds and cultivate your wildest dreams.

For the last six months, I keep hearing myself say, 'I want to paint!'

I don't even really know where to start — where to put the thing (the paintbrush?) on the paper, you know? And how much water? And what kind of paper?

Then, just last week, friend of this page (and friend of the arts) Tracy Verdugo sent me her book, all the way from Australia — which is a beautiful and inspiring tutorial in painting for people who cannot paint. (The book even tells you what kind of paper, and what kind of paint, and all that stuff.)

Do I not have eyes? Do I not have hands? Can a two-year old child paint? Therefore... can I paint? OF COURSE I CAN PAINT.

Especially if I let go of the outcome, and don't insist that it be masterful.


-Liz Gilbert, Author