Welcome to Tracy Verdugo's online store!

Here you can purchase original art & digital downloads.

Welcome to my online art store!

I'd love you to browse the galleries and find something you truly love; from wise & wonky owls and stunning portraits, to abstract landscapes, colorful florals and vibrant underwater dreamscapes.

You can choose from a select portfolio of available originals, or a range of digital downloads for your convenience, to print and frame to your taste. Our curated selection brings Tracy's signature style to your fingertips, providing art enthusiasts with two realms to explore.

Digital Downloads for Instant Art Gratification: Transform your space instantly with our collection of digital downloads. Designed for easy printing at home, these digital artworks allow you to beautify your environment effortlessly and affordably. Choose from several diverse series that capture Tracy's distinctive aesthetic, each download delivering a touch of creative magic to your home or office.

Original Artwork: Gift yourself (or someone else) one of Tracy's original mixed media and acrylic creations. From vibrant, evocative canvases to small works on paper, each piece will bring you a personal taste of Tracy's unique artistic voice. Immerse yourself in the rich textures, vibrant colors, and soulful expressions that define Tracy's style. Every purchase is a direct connection to the artist's passion and creativity.

Why Choose Tracy Verdugo's Art:

  • Authenticity: Each original artwork is a unique expression of Tracy's artistic vision.
  • Quality: Whether a digital download or an original piece, expect top-tier quality in every creation.
  • Variety: Explore a diverse range of sizes, styles, and subjects that cater to every taste.
  • Accessibility: Art is for everyone—our digital downloads make it easy to adorn your space with Tracy's art.

Dive into the world of Tracy Verdugo's Art and discover the perfect blend of digital ease and tangible beauty. Beautify your surroundings with art that resonates and transforms, and adds a sparkle of magic!

Shop Now and find your own special painting!