Hello gorgeous creative YOU!

I’m so glad you found your way here.

  • Maybe you’ve been keen to pick up a brush but you’re not sure if you have any talent? I know you do.
  • Maybe you’ve been dabbling for a while but can’t seem to find your own voice in a sea of possibilities? I’ll help you recognize your special something.
  • Maybe you’ve been painting for some time but you feel stuck or bored and you need a gentle, supportive guide to help you loosen up and find new inspiration? I’ve got you.

I create online art classes and in person creative experiences to help YOU express your shiniest creative potential.


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Welcome, creative friend.

I'm Tracy Verdugo.


Thanks so much for visiting my online abode!  Please feel free to pull up a chair, get comfy and have a look around.

And hey, just in case we haven’t yet met… I’m Tracy.

  • A curious creative soul.
  • Passionate teacher of all things artsy!
  • Beauty finder... it’s everywhere you know?
  • Inspiration instigator.
  • Lover of spontaneous creative expression.
  • Member of the wonder appreciation society.
  • Colour splasher, mark maker.
  • Story teller and serendipity dweller.

I'm fiercely committed to expressing and honouring my own creative voice and gently guiding you to find yours.


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Jump in! I've created these online art classes especially for you and I cant wait to watch you GROW.

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“For years, I’ve longed to take a painting workshop from Tracy Verdugo. Tracy is a beautiful and generous soul and a wonderful artist, who has a special gift for teaching visual art to people who don’t consider themselves visual artists... I’ve admired her devotion to teaching for YEARS. Tracy, you are a gift. Thank you for this day. I’m going to sleep with my fingernails caked with paint, and my imagination full of color.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert


ReTREAT Yourself!

For a longer creative immersion, so many new possibilities you feel lit up with creative fire, cultural exploration and self rejuvenation, join me somewhere in the world for one of my longer retreats.

I teach workshops and retreats across Australia, the United States, Europe and so many other beautiful countries. Find out if I'm teaching near you by clicking below.

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What my students are saying...


I've taken two workshops with Tracy and loved them both. She provides just the right balance of guidance with encouraging you to find your own expression. She is very generous with sharing her artistic knowledge. Tracy is very positive and uplifting which provides a magical space to paint your heart out!

-Silky Hart


Tracy, I love being in your energy and I'm not sure how to express that in words. I only know I have loved being in your classes and have learned and grown in so many ways just being with you. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. You are a blessing!‬

-Karen Johnson


You are very generous with your content and I don’t feel like you hold anything back. I love that you show your own vulnerability in things that don’t go quite as you would like because that’s real and honest. It’s not about a show but about real love for teaching and wanting your students to feel successful.

-Anna Karena 

A free class for you.

Abstract Approaches is my latest little freebie to get you started.

In this two part class we will begin by taking a look at my 'Embracing the Contrast' approach. It's a method that I've developed to help get you all through those annoying "stuck places" and allow you to build momentum and become more confident with taking your next move.