Paint Mojo~The Ecourse…the journey begins

Paint Mojo~The Ecourse…the journey begins

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“I wanted to find out if I could paint from my heart/my head, rather than paint what I physically see around me. This class is so chock full of different ideas that actually help to pull creativity out of your bones! Tracy is a loving, generous, kind and wise soul. She teaches and lives out of her heart, and is willing to share whatever she can to help a fellow ‘creative’ play with no judgement of ability or talent. Art is a very powerful source of expression, and Tracy had a unique ability to make me feel secure enough to be vulnerable while exploring the things I want to express artistically”  

Dawn Lang Weiland







That creative spark. That flame of desire.
That arrow of intention to shoot things out into the world that are beauty-full, not always pretty, but real and true and YOU.

You want to watch the paint flow with ease, get whats in your head to match what comes out on your canvas, paper, page,
be so filled with ideas and inspiration that you never get stuck!


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