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Abstract Mojo



Abstract Mojo is my most popular 6-week online course that I've created just for you!

I invite you to join me on this self-paced abstract adventure across 6 different units and over 20 different lessons.


Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to create perfect art?

  • You feel your work is "too tight"
  • You often throw away your failures
  • Sometimes you just don't know where to start with an artwork
  • You've lost that feeling of joy when you pick up a paintbrush

Unleash your creative potential and take your abstract artwork to a new dimension!

Discover how to let go, get your creative mojo flowing and confidently create abstracts that you’ll love to hang on the wall, give to a friend… or sell!

Do you always compare your art to others?

Think that yours is NOT GOOD ENOUGH?

I hear you. I was there years ago.

You're overthinking each brushstroke.

You want to throw your art away or paint over it.

I understand. I’ve been there. And I can help you move into a place of more inspired art making.

The feeling that one wrong move could ruin everything. The angst that stops your creative flow.

“Just starting Week 2 Lesson 1. Another awesome lesson Tracy, you really outdid yourself with this course. There is so much here I want to explore and have barely touched the surface. Thank you so much Tracy Verdugo!”

- Lisa Bowen Barker

About 5 years into my painting journey...

...I remember thinking “I don’t have any imagination”, I can’t think up ideas out of nowhere”, the incessant comparing myself to others who had some kind of "gift" I just couldn’t find in myself.

I decided to experiment with paint and keep working at it. In 2004 I had a successful exhibition, selling several thousands of dollars of art out of my own home. People loved the cutesy bird series but I KNEW there was something more inside me, something I wanted to articulate with my painting...

I looked around the art world and found myself drawn to paintings that had a certain edge and fresh energy, paintings that were both mysterious and compelling, paintings that told a story without telling the whole story.

Fast forward another 15 years, I've held 16 successful solo shows, explored a gazillion possibilities, sent my works to buyers across the world, traveled the globe teaching workshops, made a ton of mistakes (or happy accidents), taught thousands of students online and honed my skills and passion as an artist and as a teacher whose main desire is to have her students succeed in whatever way is right for them.


Now imagine knowing and believing that something great can come from EACH and EVERY artwork you make?

You'll come out of this class with dozens of new works you can be proud of.


“Many thanks Tracy Verdugo for your lovely 6 weeks of guidance and support. I felt a bird taking off in flight represented the learning opportunity in taking the course for us all. Thank you classmates for your words and ideas and laments- they in degrees supported, confirmed and inspired me at various stages! I am going back to the start to pick up on what I missed, like a favourite movie that you watch over and over.”

- Chloe Keogh

I'm excited to show you so many things!

I can show you how to loosen up, how to create art you can be proud to call your own, art that will no longer be thrown in the trash. I can help you take your art to the next level.


How to be confident and daring in your practice...


How to embrace the happy accidents...

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How to create art you can sell or hang in your home...

What's Inside Abstract Mojo?

Unit 1

Line & Color

  • Let’s dive into line and color in a series of vibrant and diverse small studies! We’ll expand our color palette and discover the multitudes of possibility for line work; curvy, scribbled, straight, thick, thin, dotted, horizontal, vertical. We’ll keep these mini studies as future reference and later in the course select our favourite as a jumping off point for a colourful abstract landscape.

Embracing the Contrast

  • In this lesson we revisit my Embracing the Contrast approach in a playful, energetic abstract! We’ll play with transparency and opacity, shape and line, tone and pattern, composition and color! When we finish the larger piece we’ll divide it up into smaller paintings and play with rotating and translating to see how paintings can play off each other in different combinations and groupings.

All the Feels

  • Using word prompts we’ll connect with the energy of color and mark, creating mini paintings from a gut response rather than from our minds, evoking the energy of our emotional responses. We’ll create our phrases using snippets from poems, songs, random text from books and our imagination the paint quickly and loosely in response.

Compositional Tools

  • Take a glimpse inside my own personal process as I share a series that I’m currently working on and give you all some tips on using letters and shapes as compositional tools. In this lesson we’ll use inks and acrylics in a limited palette to create a series of simple yet evocative abstracts.
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6


Abstract Mojo


Abstract Mojo is my latest 6-week online course that I've created just for you!

I invite you to join me on this abstract adventure across 6 different units and over 20 different lessons.

I've been at this for a long time and know that art should NOT be a chore.

Mistakes are important, learning curves are meaningful and we can all benefit from the struggle that is inevitable when we leave the chrysalis to become the butterfly…

BUT it is also awesome and amazing to have mentors and teachers along the way to help you make less mistakes and to help you understand your potential and get to the place where your work matches what’s in your head without so much of the angst.

THAT is my job and I feel so blessed for the opportunity to help you dive into abstraction and take your painting to a whole other level!!

What's Included

Lessons are yours forever...

Enjoy access 24/7 to all the tutorials. You even have the option to download the videos for offline access.

Over 20 video tutorials...

With over 20 different lessons, Abstract Mojo will surely have you thriving in your art studio for much longer than 6 weeks!

Weekly bonus studies...

Five of the six units contain bonus content and videos about some of Tracy's own artistic inspirations.

What will you be creating?

Here are just some of the lessons!

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“OH MY! I just finished watching the videos for Week 6, what a wonderful journey you showed on your canvas Tracy Verdugo, the perseverance, and persistence and then the playfulness outside for the finishing layers… thank you soooo much. Very uplifting."

- Denise Daffara


During our time together in Abstract Mojo we’ll be exploring how to:

  • Work across multiple mini canvases to generate cohesive series and color palettes.
  • Use my “embracing the contrast” approach to help us avoid those frustrating STUCK PLACES!
  • Translate emotion through color and mark into our work.
  • Take our own photos OR images we have found and abstract them using a whole variety of apps and other exercises.
  • Be inspired by nature to create stunning evocative abstracts.
  • Create more narrative in our work through the exploration of figurative abstraction and the use of symbols.
  • Go BIG in our last unit together with LARGE sheets of paper and canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I need?

We don't want you stressing too much about the supplies for this course. Many lessons can be adapted to be worked with whatever you have at hand. That being said, here are a few things Tracy uses throughout these lessons:

Suggested Golden Fluids:
Titan green pale, green gold, cadmium red, teal, quinachridone magenta, quinacridone burnt orange, titanium white, nickel azo yellow, nickel azo gold, pyrole orange, paynes grey, AND/OR your faves.
Suggested Daler Rowney Inks:
Paynes grey, light green, antelope brown, flame orange, galactic blue, marine blue, waterfall green, purple lake, burnt umber, fluorescent pink, silver moss, indigo, white AND/OR your faves.

  • Large watercolour pad 18x24”. Cold pressed 300gsm (140lbs)
  • 1 30x30” canvas
  • 3 6x12” canvases
  • Sheet brown craft paper
  • Cartridge paper or sketch book paper
  • Masking tape, clear packing tape
  • Daler Rowney Acrylic artist inks
  • Golden fluid acrylics
  • Various brushes small to medium
  • Several flat smooth square brushes
  • Heavy bodied acrylics
  • Any kinds of pencils for detail: watercolor, pastel, sketching etc.
  • Any and all mark making tools: nature tools, stamps, stencils, sponge etc.
  • Charcoal: willow and block
  • Bamboo skewer or stick for detailed mark making
  • Scraper: eg. old credit card
  • Soft brayer
  • White and gold gel pen
  • Black felt marker
  • White oil pastel white (or plain taper candle)
  • Other color oil pastels
  • Soft pastels for week five (optional)
  • Gel pens in various colors (optional)
  • White Posca Pen
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Collage: patterned napkins, collage paper, small roll gauze bandage etc.
  • Gel medium or matte medium for collage (PVA if you don’t have medium)
  • Texture medium
  • Masking fluid
  • Transparent gesso
  • Baby wipes, paper towels

How long do I have access to this course?

We like to run a live session of Abstract Mojo about once a year. During these live sessions you there will be bonus content and lives posted across the 6-weeks in the dedicated Facebook community. You will also have daily interactions with Tracy.

{CURRENT OFFER} If the class is not currently in session, you can still purchase at any point as a self-paced class. Once purchased, all lessons will be yours forever! The videos are downloadable for offline browsing or you can stream via our class website.

Is this course suitable for any level?

Absolutely!! I have been teaching my in person and online classes around the world for the past nine years! Both beginners and more experienced painters have enjoyed epiphanies in creative process, shifted perspectives and enjoyed learning new techniques. Mostly though I have come to realize that what I am teaching is about how to see the creative possibilities inherent in every moment and then to learn ways to process and translate those moments in our own artistic voice….AND to FREE UP and not be STUCK!!

Is this course different to your in person workshop and/or the projects in your book?

All content in the Abstract Mojo E-Course is fresh and new. I like to keep things moving and get bored easily so this means I’m always changing things up and finding new inspiration and new ways to create. I hope I can pass that on to you!

Can I exhibit or sell the work I create in this workshop?

One of the main intentions in my courses is to help you find ways to connect with a style all of your own. So, with this in mind, I’m happy for you to show and sell original, innovative work created. If, however, you feel that you want to follow along more closely and produce pieces very similar to those within the projects that is all good, but I would ask that you don’t put those pieces out to exhibit or sell if they are close copies of my work. I trust that your heart will tell you what is too close. We also ask that you understand that these are Tracy's copyrighted techniques and may not be taught or packaged as a class by any individual other than Tracy without express consent. ♥

Can I get a refund?

We're happy to offer a 7 day change of mind policy if you have not yet logged into your account. Login details for this class are sent automatically after purchase. As all the lessons are downloadable, we are unable to offer refunds on purchases if you have already logged into your account. Please ensure this class is for you before purchase, any questions before committing can be directed to [email protected] 🙂

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Billed in USD.

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Unit 6 is yours as a bonus.

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Billed in USD.

Purchase individual units.

Smaller payments.

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Yours forever!

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