For the past several years I’ve been taking in the beauty of the landscapes we have visited around this gorgeous planet, all the while trying to find exciting ways to translate them into evocative paintings!

In this online class I share with you what I have discovered that will help you to...

  • Use your own photos to create vivid, exciting, luscious landscapes!
  • Free yourself up to explore more and agonise less over your art!
  • Use your imagination and techniques I share to blend aspects of realism and abstraction in your artworks!
  • To say more with less.
  • Become comfortable with making gestural marks that describe the emotion of a place without having to add every detail.
  • Simplify color and shape to create vibrant impactful luscious landscapes!

Do you have a gazillion pics of places you’ve been to? Holiday snaps you’ve taken thinking one day I’m going to paint that? Me too!!


Luscious Landscapes


Join me in this fun six lesson online art course “Luscious Landscapes” to learn a diverse array of approaches and techniques. For just $65 you will receive approx 5 hours of video (plus additional notes) covering six diverse projects, yours to keep forever and revisit as many times as you wish!

Purchase now for just $65

Do you find landscapes difficult to take in, a tad overwhelming with all of the majesty and detail?

A serious case of wanderlust, an appreciation for all of the diverse beauty this planet has to offer, and a desire to share my learning curves with you all is what brought about this online class!

On a quest to explore ways to translate landscape and memory into vibrant, expressive art, I’ve learnt a thing or two over the past several years, and, as always I LOVE to pass THAT along to my sweet students! See you in class!

Tracy <3

What will you be creating?

Here are just some of the lessons!

“Tracy's gentle kind approach to putting marks on paper has helped me to grow my art and stretch outside my comfort zone!! And with great success!!! I feel more confident to sketch... paint... and just have fun without judgment or fear of making a mistake. I learned that I can fix something I don't like or sit with it and either let it go or continue to work on it.

I highly recommend Tracy's online courses and have since purchased more because they are fun and her style is easy to learn. And it's also very affordable which is important ! Thank you Tracy!!”

- Nancy Barkhous

What's inside Luscious Landscapes?

Lesson one

Let’s jump right in and warm up, working freely and expressively, using our non dominant hand. We’ll take away the fear of beginning by working across several sheets of cheap paper and keeping our hand and materials moving! Rather than a literal approach we’ll focus in on the memory and feeling of being there, using several different images.

Lesson two

In this lesson we’ll paint and collage a vibrant scene from one of my favourite places in the world, Oaxaca state in Mexico! We’ll stay open to accidental color combos and be brave enough to try out colors we might not normally use. I’ll share with you techniques and approaches to stay loose, playful and spontaneous!

Lesson three

Lesson three is all about capturing the light in a misty, moody and gorgeous tree filled landscape sent to me by one of my students! Using acrylic inks, paints, pastels, charcoal and pencils I’ll help you discover the beauty of layering and pushing through with the next move to achieve the effect you are after.

Lesson four

In this project we work to capture the majesty and beauty of Mt Fitzroy in Argentina, approaching the subject with a sense of loose expressionist techniques, harmonious washes and the application of layered bold complimentary colors.

Lesson five

For this tutorial I’m taking you to the South of France in the Summer of 2015 when the sunflowers were in full bloom. My students, mi amor, and I took a field trip out to frolic a while in fields of gold. What a magical day!

In this piece I am mainly working with the beautiful Daler Rowney FW acrylic artists inks. To compliment the gorgeous golds I will be using a little purple, not my usual go-to color!
For this tutorial I’m working on an aquabord which is a surface I love. It takes acrylics and inks just beautifully. You can also work on watercolor paper for this project.

Lesson six

In our last lesson we take inspiration from the amazing Mike Bernard whose spontaneous textured and light filled works I adore! We’ll let go of realism and aim for emotion using oil pastel, pencil, gel pens, acrylics and inks finding a balance between detail and simplicity!

“I'm SO glad I enrolled in the class last year! Tracy's painting exercises, techniques, composition advice, personal flair, open sharing of her secret methods, recommendations of materials and energetic presence in her online groups made it a fun, transformative experience.  I rarely feel stuck anymore because there is always something I can try, and my art is selling.  DO it!”

- Vanessa Preston

I’m an avid happy snapper when we are travelling. Mi amor has even started a series capturing me in weird poses as I try to get that perfect shot!

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I need?

We don't want you stressing too much about the supplies for this course. Many lessons can be adapted to be worked with whatever you have at hand. That being said, here are a few things Tracy uses throughout these lessons:

Please note that for most exercises you will be able to work with what you already have at hand and that it is not absolutely necessary for you to run out and purchase it all.

  • Substrates:
    • Ampersand Aquabord 12×12”
    • Any heavier watercolour paper. Something like THIS would work great.
    • Regular cartridge paper or any old sketchbook for practicing ink techniques
  • Patterned napkins for collaging
  • Gel medium for collage
  • White gel pen
  • Various brushes including a wide flat wash brush at least one inch, bamboo skewers, palette knife (optional)
  • Soft pastels in white, yellow, green and rust
  • Stabilo pencil, watercolour pencils, regular pencils, charcoal
  • Acrylic inks –
    • My favs are FW Daler Rowney acrylic ink 1oz – white and various colours. My latest faves are Flame Orange, Antelope Brown, Paynes Grey, Marine Blue, Burnt Umber, Olive Green, Prussian Blue, Silver Moss, Scarlet Lake, Sepia – but really I LOVE them all!
  • Any acrylic paints that you have on hand.
  • Oil pastels
  • Baby wipes and a roll of paper towel.
Notes for each project will include suggested brands and types of supplies used.

How long do I have access to this course?

You can purchase these classes at any point in time as as a self-paced class. Once purchased, all lessons will be yours forever! The videos are downloadable for offline browsing or you can stream via our class website.

Are there captions/subtitles?

Yes! The videos in this online course currently have English captions and Spanish subtitles.

Is this course suitable for any level?

Absolutely!! I have been teaching my in person and online classes around the world for the past nine years! Both beginners and more experienced painters have enjoyed epiphanies in creative process, shifted perspectives and enjoyed learning new techniques. Mostly though I have come to realize that what I am teaching is about how to see the creative possibilities inherent in every moment and then to learn ways to process and translate those moments in our own artistic voice….AND to FREE UP and not be STUCK!!

Can I exhibit or sell the work I create in this workshop?

One of the main intentions in my courses is to help you find ways to connect with a style all of your own. So, with this in mind, I’m happy for you to show and sell original, innovative work created. If, however, you feel that you want to follow along more closely and produce pieces very similar to those within the projects that is all good, but I would ask that you don’t put those pieces out to exhibit or sell if they are close copies of my work. I trust that your heart will tell you what is too close. We also ask that you understand that these are Tracy's copyrighted techniques and may not be taught or packaged as a class by any individual other than Tracy without express consent. ♥

Can I get a refund?

We're happy to offer a 7 day change of mind policy if you have not yet logged into your account. Login details for this class are sent automatically after purchase. As all the lessons are downloadable, we are unable to offer refunds on purchases if you have already logged into your account. Please ensure this class is for you before purchase, any questions before committing can be directed to [email protected] 🙂

Example student works~