A Moment of Exuberance


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“A moment of exuberance” – Acrylic on watercolor paper. Approx. 9×10” unframed.

“Flowers every night Blossom in the sky; Peace in the Infinite, At peace am I.”

— Rumi

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Buy original art online by Australian artist, Tracy Verdugo

There's something really special about owning a piece of original artwork. Because when you buy a piece of original art online, you’re buying a small part of my heart. 

As an Australian artist, it's my soul’s work to paint the world in rainbows of possibility and create something where my emotions are embedded in each original artwork. 

While each piece is unique and designed to make a statement, the core theme throughout all my work is the power of connection. Connection to each other, nature and with the divine.

My original art is created intuitively and I am often surprised at the finished piece. Within inspiration coming from all parts of my life.I love texture, pattern and vibrant color and often incorporate mixed media elements into my original art which you can purchase online.