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What exactly is Story Painting?

Story Painting is my bigger, more comprehensive course on telling your uniques stories, through your art, using acrylic inks and other media such as acrylic paint, mark making tools, collage and more. If Jump into acrylic inks is a starter course, Story Painting is an expansive masterclass.

By upgrading to Story Painting, you’ll be getting access to a plethora of fabulous lessons to guide you along the path to find your unique voice, tell your stories through your art, imbue your work with more meaning and narrative and find a new sense of confidence on your creative journey. It will be an artistic adventure that will change your creative world in fabulous ways!


How much bigger is Story Painting?

It’s several times the size of Jump Into Acrylic Inks.

Some quick numbers:

Jump Into Acrylic Inks contains about 4 hours of video content in total, whereas Story Painting contains over 12 hours of video content and extensive lesson notes.

Jump Into Acrylic Inks has 5 lessons while Story Painting has 18 lessons + bonuses!!

Other than size, how are the courses different? What are they like?

I would say that the difference between Jump Into Acrylic Inks and Story Painting is like the difference between a fun weekend getaway to a new place and a month long artist residency where you get to go deep. It’s a fun, meaningful, potentially life-changing experience either way… but the planning and pacing of those trips are bound to be very different.

With a short trip, it’s usually best to hit the high points and “sample” from a wide selection. You might feel like you’re only skimming the surface of deep water, but the point is to give you some friendly exposure and (hopefully) whet your appetite to come back again. That’s how I approached Jump Into Acrylic Inks.

With a longer artists residency, you get to sample and savour things and you get a chance to really soak them in; you get to continue expanding your comfort zone without having to feel rushed. You can develop a deeper, richer sense that you’ve lived among the details—that in return, they’ve somehow become a part of you, your unique art story to share with the world. That’s how I approached Story Painting.

Which course did you create first?

I created Story Painting first, and I made the course as expansive as I did because I see the pain of students struggling to value their own voice, process and story.

Overridingly, the number one issue that students share at my in-person workshops is the desire to loosen up, be less rigid, more open, less self-critical, more allowing. I truly believe that if I can help you with this you will find a whole world of creative possibilities open up!

I can still remember the days when I would sit down to paint and NOTHING would come out, not one iota of an idea, or if something did emerge, 9 times out of 10 I would start to paint and give up in frustration because what was coming out on my canvas was NOTHING like what was in my head. I didn’t yet have the tools, either physically, mentally or emotionally to make the work I wanted to make and I wasn’t far enough along the magic carpet ride to trust that I would get there in the end.

I know this journey well and I know that all of you are at different stages within it. I can’t promise a magic pill but I do know that there will be epiphanies here for you to help you along the way, and not all from me, as I always say I learn just as much from my students as they do from me and I LOVE that!

These days my only overwhelm in the studio is TOO many ideas and TOO many ways to make art. Inspiration is my willing, prolific companion and I wish this for you all too with all my heart.

I poured all of this into Story Painting.

So why did you create Jump Into Acrylic Inks?

In short: because I have been using acrylic inks in the majority of my larger courses like Story Painting I realised that I really should have a jumping off point, a smaller class for those who are new to acrylic inks.

Another thing I took into account is that a bigger course requires a bigger commitment of time and/or money to participate, and because of this, some keen students were not able to take part. Such is life, and I totally get that. I really like to have options for everyone.
So I created Jump Into Acrylic Inks to address the need for an approachable “starter” course. A way of giving students the confidence to master a new medium or to get better at something they have been tentatively approaching with little or no guidance.

Is Story Painting any harder than Jump into acrylic inks?

Not really, no. The main difference is the breadth of the material, not its difficulty. No experience required here… you can be a total beginner and still get everything out of Story Painting. 

Still, to put this in university-class kinds of terms: if Jump Into Acrylic Inks is like Acrylic Inks 101, then Story Painting is like Acrylic Inks plus friends with units encompassing 101, 102, 201,202 and 301 combined. Both of my courses start at the beginning, but Story Painting extends well beyond the conclusion of Jump Into Acrylic Inks.
As long as I’m making a uni comparison, remember that the higher-numbered classes aren’t necessarily harder per se; they’re just more specific in their focus. If Story Painting is “harder” than Jump Into Acrylic Inks, it’s only in the sense that (A) it’ll take longer to complete and (B) it contains more opportunities for you to expand your skills.

What kinds of lessons do I get in Story Painting?

There are a few big-picture lessons, but most of the 18 plus video tutorials and lessons in Story Painting cover specific topics or techniques. Here are a few lesson excerpts below.

Portals of Possibility- It’s time to explore creating character! In Istanbul we fell in love with every single street cat we met! Each one a personality and I’m going to try to capture as many of those possibilities as I can in my sketch book. I want you to find as many images as you can and dedicate a whole two pages to sketching your characters!

The Story of Me- In this lesson we use several of the ideas we've explored in Chapter One to create a gorgeous concertina “Storybook of me”. We'll be adding to our little books as we move through our lessons and by the end of our time together here it will include elements of illustration, painting, collage and poetry. As part of this lesson we will explore mark making on a piece of black tissue. A moment of inspiration whilst making marks also led me to film a bonus illustration video for you in our sketchbooks.

Wild Whimsical Collage- In a more illustrative and whimsical approach this week we will find inspiration in the delightful work of Andrea Daquino, Jane Ormes and Manon Gauthier, all of them fabulous storytellers who incorporate collage, drawing and painting in their work. Let's combine some of our characters, household items and collage stash and see what fun we can create!

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Yes, of course! Story Painting is always available on my website, so if now’s not a good time, you can always come back and buy it later.

Story Painting normally retails for $397, and that’s a price I can stand behind. I genuinely believe it’s a great value—after all, it gets you lifetime access to the equivalent of four weeks’ expert instruction—and from all I’ve heard, my students are happy with the trade.

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