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Sacred Marks retreat with Tracy Verdugo in Huskisson, NSW


November 29th to December 1st, 2019

I invite you to come on a journey with me, one of vibrancy and playfulness, freedom and fearless exploration. I invite you to come and discover the beauty of your own story, the strength of your own mark, the gift of your creative voice.


Are you ready to tap into your own wellspring of luscious creativity?

Here’s what I want you to know....

When you take a class with me it’s not even just about the art. It’s about the whole shebang. Art as a metaphor for life. It’s about you finding your voice in the world, feeling at ease within your own skin and doing what you came here to do. Create beauty and allow your gifts to shine. That’s my gift to you and I feel blessed and honoured to be a catalyst for you to lead your most inspired life.

During this workshop, we will learn to find our own inner muse, reconnect with our creative selves and find inspiration for our art in unexpected places. With a focus on gratitude, letting go of our inner critic and playful exploration, Tracy will guide you through a series of fun, playful, exercises, encouraging you to become an explorer of possibilities. Tracy will share tips and techniques on creating vibrant, expressive, colourful paintings, using acrylics, charcoal, collage, ink and pastels. She will gently guide you into your own personal creative flow and help you find ways to recognise your own authentic creative voice. The class will delve into elements of both abstraction and more realistic interpretation and students will be encouraged to focus on what interests them most.

We will create multiple works on paper and/or canvas and I will show you how I utilise a viewfinder to find small sweet spots in larger works AND how I use paper as my palette and then turn those palettes into paintings!! For those who have attended a workshop with me before (either online or in person), please know that my classes (and I!) are always evolving. As I grow and expand in my own art practice I am always excited to share new discoveries and passions with my students! The new longer format allows us to dive deeper AND into the gorgeous possibilities that acrylic inks offer us. Using nature, memory AND our imaginations, we will work not only on a large canvas, but also on multiple watercolour sheets examining both abstraction and more literal aspects of this style of painting.

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Huskisson Guide Hall

Kioloa St, Huskisson, NSW (map)

BYO lunch or cafes nearby. Tea/coffee provided.



29th, 30th of Nov & 1st of Dec, 2019
10.00 am-5.00pm each day (1 hour lunch break)



Workshop fee is $560AUD

A 50% deposit is required upon registration with the balance due October 1st, 2019. Use the contact form below to register your interest and find out if there's a place for you!

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"Having taken your workshop in person and online as well as working with your book has given me wings! While I enjoy my more traditional methods and training and consider them to be a great foundation working with you has opened up my thinking and process and allowed me to truly play. Your method of teaching is both gentle and explosive, you share lovingly from your heart giving your students such a sense of freedom while providing direction. You manage to gently coax your students while encouraging them to soar and find their own way. I have taken others classes and enjoyed most but have to say that working under your tutelage has been my most enjoyable and has opened me up not only in my approach to my art but also in my life as a whole."

-Odete Kreszl

Your teacher

Tracy Verdugo

Artist, author, and Inspiration Instigator.

If Tracy Verdugo was given the opportunity to coin a term for a new art movement based around what she teaches she might call it “Curiosity and Wonderism” or maybe “Loosen-upism” or “Endless possibilitism”.

When she is not hanging out with her family in their artsy adobe home in a small village on the shores of Jervis Bay, Australia, or throwing paint around in her little purple studio in their backyard, you may find her wrangling with two large suitcases attempting to board the BART in San Francisco en route to teach at an art retreat or sitting in a circle on St Pete Beach, Florida, listening intently as women share their stories of creative longing.

Her works are vibrant and filled with joy, inspired both by family travels in Mexico and the beauty of everyday life. Since 2000 Tracy has held 16 successful solo exhibitions and her works are held in collections both in Australia and overseas.

Mostly though, she is mama bear to two gorgeous, zest-filled daughters, Santana and Cece, and co-adventurer in life with her amor of 34 years, the talented and brilliant Marco.

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