Tracy Verdugo Art

Let’s get into some Inky Animals!!

I am in LOVE with Daler Rowney FW Acrylic artists inks!

The pigment is intense and vibrant.

I love the way they glide across the page and the spontaneous effects they create!

In this video we will create our own menagerie of cute and colourful creatures using just water, inks and either pencils or pens for details.

Please feel free to use the following images for reference or play with your own!

Handy hints:

  • When working with these inks, have several jars of clean water nearby to keep your colors pure.
  • Use a flat wash brush to paint a basic shape with clean water.
  • Use your bamboo skewer to create details by pulling the ink to redefine shapes or moving color from one place to another.
  • Keep paper towels nearby at all time! Lift excess ink or water as necessary.
  • Add details with gel pens, felt markers or pencils.
  • Think about diversity in your work, creating difference by focusing on contrast; darks against lights, variation of large and small shapes etc.
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