“I just loved the Mojo weekend, I enjoyed every step as I ventured into a new area of painting, collage and working with new materials. Tracy is a beautiful teacher who guides and creates a safe space to allow the creative energy to flow without our inner critic getting in the way. I love that since the workshop I feel sparked and have been painting almost everyday.  Thank you Tracy”. ~Emelisa

“Hi Tracy…..I’ve followed your artwork for a couple of years now. I never dreamed I’d get the chance to learn your beautiful painting techniques live and in person.

When I met you in St. Pete It didn’t take long for me to go from being a fan of your work, to also being a fan of yours and the way you teach. You have such a fun way of teaching that really got through to us. You gave us instructions, while keeping the class from getting too focused on perfection. We learned how to follow our own intuition, rather than just duplicating your work.

There were so many layers; Not only in our paintings, but in the class itself. From the painting, sketching, symbolism, poetry, and music, to the laughter, friendship, and circle time on the beach. It was all just so perfect! I went to your workshop hoping to bring home some new painting techniques, which I did, but I actually left there with so much more than that.

I made lasting friendships, gained a new confidence in my artwork, shared a special experience being there with my mother, and I now I get to look forward to the next St. Pete Paint Mojo. For me that’s a huge deal, as I generally shy away from group settings. The entire weekend was wonder filled, and I wouldn’t trade this magical experience for anything. Thank you, Tracy!!” ~Rischa Heape

“Inspiring, wonderful, amazing, insightful, creative, fabulous, energising, heartwarming and truly unique. Tracy has opened the door to a new artistic chapter in life and I highly recommend ‘Painting Mojo’ it to anyone interested in unlocking their intuitive creativity and taking their artistic journey to the next level” ~Gaby

“Excited to attend a workshop instead of teaching one, I attended Tracy Verdugo’s “Sacred Marks”, in the fall of 2012 and oh what a “sacred” gift she gave. I was blessed by Tracy giving me creative space to find my way through some of my intellectual concepts around art and my work which allowed me to let a wall down and explore the possible, be uncomfortable in the uncomfortable.

Even though I use this approach in most of my professional works it could have been a road block and almost was but I pushed through to the concept of a different approach to what already was inside. Just as there are different ways to get juice from an orange there are different ways to express our spirit with paint.” ~Anon

“In Tracy’s workshop not only did I connect to my spirit more deeply with my paint but with the soul’s that surrounded me. Energy is powerful when shared!” ~Anon

“No matter what your artistic level is at, even a professional, there is always room to share spirit and explore possibilities. I highly recommend this class with Tracy, you will not go home disappointed.” ~Anon

It was SO much fun. Tracy’s a wonderful teacher, her passion for painting and art can really be felt, and her warmth and sharing is so incredibly special. We spent two full days learning so many new techniques and i came away with so many ideas to integrate into my own practice.” ~ Janine Whitling

“What a wonderful weekend I just had. I was lucky enough to attend Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo workshop held in Brisbane. ~Anon

“TRUST is what I experienced this last weekend at Paint Mojo Austin. Tracy Verdugo offers parameters during her workshops…but then encourages her students to do what they “feel”… to TRUST what they feel… then try it!” ~Selah Gay

“I absolutely am in love with Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo approach to painting. It is intuitive, based in a love of symbolism, an invitation to stretch yourself and let go of what painting is supposed to look like….it is beautiful and messy all in the same moment. And sometimes the messies is where the beauty really surprises you!”

“Big thanks to Tracy for unleashing such beauty from each of us, for opening a circle that could hold our inner world as we turned it into an outer work, and for guiding our hands and hearts on the journey to discover our MOJO! You are a dear friend and a gift!” ~Rachél Payne

“If you ever get the chance to do one of Tracy’s workshops I would thoroughly recommend it, you won’t forget the experience. I have come away from the workshop with creative confidence, a bunch in fantastic techniques, plenty of inspiration and even some new friends!” ~Chrystie Hile

“I have declared this year is all about learning new art techniques, as much as I can.. so going to Tracy’s workshop was part of that … I wanted to see in person what all this dripping and colour and creatures was all about!!! Wow, what FUN, it was hands down the best workshop I have been to so far… I have learned along the way that I am a kinaesthetic learner, I need to DO … not just sit and listen to someone ‘talk’ about doing… in fact.. those kinds of classes make me want to hit my head on the desk really hard” ~Denise Daffara

“Tracy is a really lovely and encouraging teacher, who is very helpful with giving advice to each person, and she also created a beautiful demo painting in class filled with vibrant colours. Tracy is very spontaneous, playful and free when she paints, and it was really inspiring to watch her in action. She uses oil pastels, writing, collage, inks, as well as paints, and makes paint marks with the ink dropper and a bamboo skewer as well as using brushes and her fingers.

She is unafraid to cover up layers of paint and ink with more layers! I held my breath as I saw her paint over part of the canvas which I thought already looked beautiful. I hope I can be that confident one day!” ~Wini Dougall

“I’ve just returned from Tracy Verdugo’s painting retreat in Jervis Bay. It was everything I expected and more! I’ve had an Artist’s crush on Tracy for a while and was really looking forward to meeting her. The first thing I noticed was her real self was just as inspirational and generous as her ‘online’ presence.”

“Tracy gently guided us through an intuitive painting process. Although I didn’t complete my painting I loved every minute of it. I was inspired, learnt new techniques and could envision a world of opportunity opening for me” ~Fiona Hill

“I can’t say enough about my magical Paint Mojo experience! Tracy is not only an amazing teacher but a beautiful soul gifted with the talent to help others open up and let loose. Our paintings really became our gateways to letting go of any preconceived ideas of what art is “supposed to be” as Tracy helped us find the hidden images on our canvases.

I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful workshop! I not only learned more than I ever though could fit in a weekend…I made lasting friendships as well. Thank you, Tracy!”  ~Melissa Sherbon, DeLand, FL

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