TEST – Hello Nature

May 2, 2014

On Saturday mi amor walks by me as I sit at my usual spot in front of the computer,
working on a hundred things at once,
and says……..

“No work tomorrow ok? Lets go for a picnic somewhere.
I cant believe you’ve never been to Steamers Beach….”

a slight sense of anxiety passes over me….I have become accustomed to filling my days with work,
grateful that I have the luxury of doing the things I love and calling it work,
frenetic about all the possibilities and all I want to put out into the world…..
 I have forgotten what it is to actually take a whole day off
and then…. a sense of relief washes over me…..

Yes, I say. That would be wonderful!

8 kms later….
a day of breathing in the beauty,
 the simplest of picnics on the most gorgeous of beaches….
 and I am feeling totally replenished.

I want every Sunday to be a new adventure!
Hold me to it ok?